stella mccartney-Resort 2013 Collection

Appointment if hype is the outdoor display of the latest collection from Stella McCartney Resort will once again be able to dazzle actresses, fashion editors and socialites other by its freshness and stainless colorama vitamin.

Stella McCartneyStella McCartney has perfectly understood: nothing like an event-like carnival under the sign of a good mood to serve as the backdrop for a cloakroom as cheerful optimist.

Indeed difficult not to succumb to wearing suits shades of colors greedy (see here and here), dresses mĂȘlants lace pepsy colors, fringes longuissimes and sensuality spring or blazers with printed wallpaper, when they see themselves presented by a swarm of young models to the looks and disarmingly natural.

fashion 2013Add to that the oversized blazers, coats ovoid, pullovers as creative as cozy and perfectly cut with other jackets the success of Stella McCartney album and get a cruise of the sun.

We note in passing that never grammar Stella McCartney has appeared as close to that of his former collaborator Phoebe Philo. Baggy pants suit, vertical stripes “jogging” or use the leopard are indeed many stylistic gimmicks shared this season by two women.

fashion celebrity

Finally, among the strong pieces in this collection, we note the presence of pleated skirts lined with mesh netting and sets the fringes daffodil twenties merging brilliantly bold monochrome and retro charm. Not to mention sweaters in color-block neon light, that are sure to warm the girl cool, casual and stylish infinitely what the client perfect Stella McCartney.

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