The sporty shirt

After naked VIP “Protect the skin you’re in” by Marc Jacobs, Christopher Kane gorilla roaring and models pristine Jil Sander, it seems that it is now the turn of the shirt Yankee sporty connotations come casualiser draws the fashionistas.

fashion sporty

Highlights during the last Isabel Marant (and more recently on one of the Sartorialist’s girls) T-shirt NBA or football spirit seemed straight out of a thrift shop is currently taking its first steps as “it” fashion. Embryo sportswear trend which, if you believe the numerous references to the world of sports present in the spring / summer 2012, would ask to blossom …

But who better than the T-shirt – part without risk if any – could allow the fashionista to indulge in style “sporty” but not burn the wings? Indeed, it seems much easier to introduce into his dressing cotton jersey washed hit the seal of a baseball team that BMX rider (Alexander Wang) or a slim version of wetsuit (Givenchy) .. .

However, be careful not to zeal opting for a real t-shirt quarterback or succumbing to a model too skinny seen at Abercrombie & Fitch, the first of which could be too oversized to easily integrate a silhouette urban and the other too sanitized to give the vintage look sporty twist desired.


Ideally, said T-shirt is shoppera during a U.S. road trip in one of the vintage shops in Los Angeles and ultra cotton sport a weathered, worn and a printed volume loose (most will stay at home meanwhile try to find the rare pearl in Free’P’Star or Guerrisol). Once the model is found, then we can either use as is or cut collar and cuffs him to give her a draws a little less gross.

Finally, dress code level, we note simply that this kind of T-shirt would be well advised to shun its congeners – namely sneakers, tracksuits and other zipped hoodies – in favor of attire chic, preppy, classic or minimalist.

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