The marriage of Pamela Love

Jewelry designer deliciously esoteric, the New Yorker Pamela Love did not like him around to create presentations press atmosphere in perfect harmony with its inspirations season. Faculty that the beautiful has not hesitated to contribute to the country during his marriage with illustrator Matthew Nelson.


At a time when marriage seems more than ever showcase rhyme with social, it is not uncommon to see the beautiful playing in the sphere hype allow this or that fashion photographer coming to immortalize their famous “D-Day”. After Kate Moss, Coco Rocha, Margherita Missoni, and it is now the turn of Pamela Love to allow ordinary people to enjoy a few pictures of her wedding.

I must say that unlike an advertising campaign, an interview or a magazine published soon forgotten, the media coverage of her own marriage – as long as it proves to be a true reflection of his personal universe – is a great way to mark a lasting impression.

the marriage

Indeed difficult not to fall under the spell of a Pamela Love crowned with flowers, dressed in virginal Squaw – signed Mara Hoffman – and laughing in the arms of her young husband. Not to mention the decor beautifully quirky places (a former summer camp), the wild flowers of the bride or the long-haired rebel sublimely latter ….

A romantic image of Epinal, which allows the young woman in the early summer generally more conducive to vacation plans as shopping trips, remember the good memories of fashionistas.


Fashionistas who are certainly many, after viewing the photo story concocted by Vogue, to want to offer a jewelry designer (see here, here and here). I must say that these are far from unnoticed – marketing requires – among the photographs of Hannah Thomson.

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