The end of the first sack?

Billy, Lucien, Alexa … ever affixing a name on a bag will have given much value to it in recent years. Question is whether, by dint of being repeated in all directions, the personification of the concept of “it” bags would not be losing flavor.


It all began in 1956 when Grace Kelly appeared in LIFE magazine along with a Hermes bag: a few days, the latter is then renamed “Kelly”, the idea of ??rhyme bag and “marital status” was born. However, it was 2002 and the launch of the collection “roots luxury” Jerome Dreyfuss connected to the leather begins to draw massive inspiration in the calendar.

In deciding to tie each of his creations to a male name, the Parisian designer indeed revolutionized the image of the “it” bag, which fell instantly the status of unreachable and haughty piece to an object familiar companion infallible taking much as the pet lover faithful.


Nothing more simple in fact that to communicate the launch of a new bag when it uses a lexical field more “social” than “commercial”. Now, you do not buy a bag and more, but adopts Albert we do more to crack a luxury bag, you go out with Carlos … Unsurprisingly, the dazzling success of Igor, Momo and other Pedro soon inspire the little world of fashion, which is also in his last prénommer born.

Yes but if at first this new tic fashion manages to bring more soul to the leather Chloe (Marcie), Marc Jacobs (Gilda) or Sonia Rykiel (Justine), the machine does not take long to s’ packaging and customizing “it” bags to become commonplace. Where Mulberry yesterday paid tribute to a “brit girl” addict to one of its products by creating a bag to his name (Alexa), the same label as hackneyed concept today by naming its latest model “Del Rey “, in reference to a singer whose only weapons made ??here has been its ability to buzz.


Preferring to initiate trends rather than suffer, Phoebe Philo is one of the first to have chosen to return to a little more restraint in choosing names more pragmatic emotional. The “Luggage”, the “Keystone” and “Classic” Celine appear as many names rational, perfectly framing with elegance, strong and authentic 2010s.

In other words, if Kelly has already entered history, if Alexa has become a classic and will always be if Billy Billy, it would be surprising if the next “it” bag in vogue is seen affixed a Christian name. It is true that the family of Marcie, Justine, Sally, Edie and other Jade is already the least crowded. Attention to overdose.

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