Tend college girl

Fresh, playful and falsely wise, dear to the silhouette of schoolgirls in Britain inspired this season trend-setter, who do not hesitate recycle blithely duo sweater / short skirt flared (gathered, pleated or corolla).

fashion girlyAbandoning their traditional ensembles slim / t-shirt / boots / perfecto, some models have recently decided to take a look “off duty” a bit more flirtatious than usual revisiting – with taste and simplicity – the look “college girl” . In recent weeks, the silhouette flared mini skirt / flat shoes / wool seems to end especially in the odor of sanctity tops. I must say that first degree neither too or too sexy, this kind of clothes is enough to attract the “casual addicts” slender twigs that are castable on the catwalks of New York and London.

tend college girl

Those who want to follow in their footsteps and benefit from their aura “lolita studious” will therefore not only to find a miniskirt monochrome (whether a simple khaki skirt or A skirt panels, pleated or wide cups) warm they pull a small mesh fancy, which nonchalantly exceed a piece of t-shirt.

fashion style

For their part, the most pragmatic will throw their sights on a model merging 2 in 1 sweater and micro skirt (they accompany a pair of flat shoes to keep the spirit of this kind of student silhouettes) while fashionistas wishing to benefit from the freshness of these sets without denying their heels should not hesitate to mix them in duo mini skirt high waist circumference wide burgundy / sweat – or wool purple – close cropped slightly.

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