Streetstyle, Authenticity lost

It seems a long time when the fashion weeks around wildlife brewed to authentic looks incongruous among vintage pieces, accessories from retailers and models unearthed in particular creator confidential . With the advent of streetstyle, their commercial is indeed considerably strengthened, brands are now desperate to make their products appear on trendsetteuses.


It would be wrong to believe the streetstyle necessarily mean fashionistas kept informed and made ??her closet before: if we had the opportunity to marvel over several seasons before the great capacity of the Sartorialist to compose as innovative looks that elegant clothing from various origins, the rise of sites and their muses Streetstyles favorite finally change that.

Useless indeed look a little bit of spontaneity in the latest looks of Taylor Tomasi, Hanneli Mustaparta, Anna Dello Russo and other “high visibility style influence”, they now often simply to display the pieces claws their offer or make available. Not to mention the houses did not hesitate to offer between 2,000 and 10,000 dollars to some bloggers to slip into their creations the time of day.

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A new mode of communication for highly profitable claws that can assess in real time their return on investment through the number of page views of any blog or the number of retweets. Add to that the growing number of collaborations between brands and streetstyle stars and get a landscape fashion disorder, which mixed personal vision of fashion and sponsorship.

Indeed say that the stylistic authenticity of Anna Dello Russo wearing jewelry from her collaboration with H & M, a lookée by Garance Doré Net-a-Porter for his “Pardon My French” or a Carolina Issa posing for J.Crew, except that it seems to have less place in a system that appears more “professionalized”?

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