Spring fashion 2012 has been exhibited by the world famous designer

spring fashion 2012 #1

New York is the first city which toured the world fashion Week that was held two times a year, each one time in the spring and summer, as well as in autumn and snow. After New York continued in London, Milan and Paris. More than 100 fashion designers will showcase spring fashion 2012 collection in their New York Fashion Week, including Rag & Bone, Nicole Miller, Cynthia Rowley, St. John, Diane von Furstenberg, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and Victoria Beckham . Peter Som, Jason Wu, and Luca Luca, showing their spring collections are realized in the game the colors are bright. Jason Wu proved that he is still worthy of attention. He is famous through the design of the dress Michelle Obama on the eve of her husband’s inauguration in 2008. Jason Wu show that feminine dresses in yellow and electric blue that waved and seize the attention of some important guests who attended the Fashion Week, such as fashion editor Anna Dello Russo and Glee stars Lea Michele.

luca luca spring fashion 2012

Peter Som another, she was the theme of the game is more bold colors, such as camel hair color fuchsia dress, dress flower motifs neon colors, and so forth. While Luca Luca featuring blue and white color palette with a little flash of pink. Her dresses are also a lot of revealing the shoulders and neckline, so it looks feminine and sexy impression. Rebecca Taylor shows the colors of taupe and further highlights the texture on his clothes. T-shirt with lace material and midi skirt of silk is given a touch more assertive with army-style jacket and sporty, and displays a number of tunic with lustrous color in her nightgown. Meanwhile, Heidi Klum Project Runway with her, received support from a number of artists and figures such as Andie MacDowell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Corinne Bailey Rae, also designer Michael Kors and Betsey Johnson.

Here are the details of the exhibition spring fashion 2012 collection in some cities which became the center of attention of the fashion world:

jason wu spring fashion 2012

New York: breathe Clothing simple and modern with pieces of firm and clean. The colors chosen were simple, like a pastel color and monochrome. If it’s time to play with the motive, the designers presenting abstract and imaginative motifs with striking colors. Spring fashion 2012 collection from Tracy Reese are also featured in New York Fashion Week in New York, United States, NY Topdesigners and brands: Matthew Williamson, Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Zac Posen.

BURBERRY spring fashion 2012

London: it’s the trench coat. Clothing styled rebel and rebel with a classic patterned materials, such as plaid Plaid or the term is frequently used by British soldiers. The use of t-shirts with bold pieces and motifs or writing style of punk kids. For menswear, more toward casual with a sweater and trench coat, the display style of college kids and schools. Also the style of dress Prince William and Kate Middleton are very representative of British fashion. London’s top designers and brands: Burberry.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring fashion 2012

Milan: Milan Fashion Week is one of the most prestigious fashion events in the world. With its position parallel to the sector fashionable in Paris, London, and New York, Milan Fashion Week has become a scene of the gathering of fashion designers and fashion brands, world-class, which received worldwide recognition as one barometer of fashionable trends and fashion design world. Trussardi, one of the top Italian fashion brands, establish anniversary-100 by launch of new products spring fashion 2012 in the Sforza Castle, a prestigious place in Milan. In launching the product this time, Trussardi carrying clothing from cotton, flax, and silk-dominated pattern of simple and charismatic. Trussardi brand which was established in 1910 to start his career from leather products. Because its products are good quality, Trussardi had designated as a manufacturer to make gloves national military forces during World War II. In the era of the 1970s, the company then applies a very rich experience in the field of manufacture of leather gloves on the clothing, pens, pipe tobacco, container, etc., until finally Trussardi known as a center of trade exclusive products covering various aspects of the product. Synonymous with style glamorous and sexy. Displays the exoticism of a typical Italian woman and fascinating. Milan’s top designers and brands: Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana.

Givenchy spring fashion 2012

Paris: Paris is a city with high-level fashion. The designers are racing to produce a spring fashion 2012 trends with pieces, concepts, and complex motives. Sometimes clothing offered is not always look beautiful, but rather leads to the expression of art and imagination are difficult to digest. Top Paris designers and brands: Rick Owen, Elie Saab, John Galliano, Givenchy.




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