Short floral Zara

If the flowered pants are now showing as best profile on streetstyle blogs, ordinary mortals will still everything to gain to prefer his version “shorts”, much easier to handle on a daily basis.

Short floral Zara

Leandra Medine and Kelly Framel have beautiful have recently shown that the famous flower pants for Spring / Summer 2012 does not necessarily rhyme with tapestry effect, kitsch british and ready-to-wear elderly, they do not have one less mémérisant undeniable power. Not to mention their repellent effect on the male .

In practice, young women with no sense of style or the editor of the blog “The Glamourai” legs or his counterpart in “The Man Repeller” have a vested interest in moderation blooms textiles in time abandoning the pants still life, petunias and other slims 7/8 hydrangea in favor of more humble parts, like the flowery shorts.


It is true that he has a knack for infusing the delicious scent trendy silhouette, while minimizing – by its small area of ??tissue – the impact of its kitsch printed. Difficult indeed to compose a look “Tati Danielle” from a piece of a foot in height revealing beautifully leg …

And declined, pistils, petals and stamens can therefore not be ashamed to invite in the wardrobes of the season. Accompanied the duo pull loose end navy / Surface To Air buckle or all raw denim shirt / marcel white / caramel belt / pair of loafers cappuccino, this small flowered shorts Zara has every chance to convince critics of the last “flower power “.

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