Sandals tray: attention danger

This season, the trend “sandals” reached a new milestone: where, yesterday, the creators were focused on heels, here today elevating the entire shoe.

Sandals tray: attention danger

Long the preserve of married Japanese sandals with wooden trays breathtaking – also called okobo – invite themselves this season many claws, Isabel Marant, Yves Saint Laurent and Chloe through Surface To Air. That said, if the Japanese kimono requires imposing sandals shoes (pitch preventing it from dragging on the ground), nothing justifies the presence of the latter on the cobblestones of Paris …

By dint of having to constantly reinvent, sometimes designers begin to abandon the basic common sense in favor of a sterile originality. A fact well illustrated by these neo-Okobos, the effect seems clumsy obviously not unduly disturb the designers.

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But just take a look at the blog of Rumi Neely (Fashiontoast) to be convinced of the absurdity of this embryonic trend. The young woman was indeed display a beautiful silhouette twig its maximum plateau sandals did not increase significantly less great. It’s hard to imagine since successfully flatter the fashionista lambda.

Also “tendency” that little benefit, they have a vested interest in practice prefer to see more slender offset, which will have the good taste to lengthen the leg without the pack.

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