Parade Rodarte – Spring / Summer 2013

Combining medieval influences, impulses Gothic and baroque opulence futuristic sportswear, last summer collection designed by Rodarte sisters oscillates between details unsightly remarkable creations and borrowing a bit too obvious. An eclectic mix that puzzling.

spring 2013If their talent and success do not suffer any dispute, Kate and Laura Mulleavy did not feel less regularly trouble finding the right balance between unbridled creativity and universal aesthetic. A light which is added through this season some lack of consistency between puzzle mini dresses lady the third type, dark rock pieces, sporty silhouettes-technical and neo-medieval toilet. As if the Mulleavy had believed – wrongly – that overloading their collection of ideas, it would be only better.

summer 2013It is true that the patchwork of textures reveal themselves over the little passages harmonious, corsets conceptualized not really convincing, fully laced leather skinny frankly already seen, blouses armor too “costumes” and leather jackets raven little subtle, in fact, only vegetable duets long skirt / top supported and sweatshirts braided mind chainmail able to hold their own in the game.

Parade RodarteIn addition, there is a regrettable lack of inspiration, which seems to have pushed the two sisters to draw more than because of the work of Nicolas Ghesquière. Between shoes and surreal sets futuro-sportswear, some parts do not actually honor their legendary creativity.

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