Parade Prada – Spring / Summer 2013

Populated geishas to mine severe, Miuccia Prada’s latest collection attempts to reconcile “tenacity and poetry” with sufficient precision and extravagance to enchant purists and advocates throw chic universal.

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Perfect metaphor for the duality of women (which confront desire softness and need to be strong), Japan inspired this season Miuccia Prada, which attempts to reconcile the contradictions here in the country of the rising sun – between traditions and culture kawaii – via cloakroom which combines strict lines, drawings almost naive, playful and provocative accessories Harajuku.

Fusion between grammar typically severe Prada, borrowing the wardrobe traditional Japanese flower power and minimalist, the first passages of the show lay the foundations of the silhouette pradienne summer 2013. The sixties mini dress with kimono blouse through the straight dresses for working girl nerd, pirate sets / top protection for martial arts and skirts inspired by hakamas (seven folds pants worn by nobles of medieval Japan ) models are systematically season is cut in a satin black, where patching random rectangles printed flowers with long stems (when they do not turn into the rising sun).

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In this introduction ultra brain succeeds then held where humor and lightness gradually take precedence over austerity. Overcoats peel and leave flowers glimpse lingerie sportswear, while floral “Hello Kittiens” is taguent on summer coats fur daring (recurring material in this summer collection that symbolizes the eyes of Miuccia Prada “all possible, “at a time when” many things have become forbidden “) and the black fades gradually in favor of a color ranging from purple, emerald green, poppy red and pastel colors.

Bathed in pearly pink, white and light green pistachio sweetened the ultimate looks – which combines Japanese style folding, mind baby doll, petals and satin knots recalling the fabric strip now obi geisha – are meanwhile forget the bitterness of the first passages leaving poetry soften the conceptual aspirations Miuccia Prada (although some still lack the required lightness).

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True to itself, the Italian designer has also not forgotten his collection of accessories enamel likely to be debated in the coming months fashion. We think these particular socks sometimes metallic and sometimes leather mat, which is flat and wore embellished with a “tong tape” is a duet with pumps or sandals platforms that have nothing to envy getas geishas. Equipped with a thin leather sole – which is likely to be reinforced at the time of their release in store – these very Margielesques tabi Martin could well steal the limelight from many flat shoes.

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