Parade Dries Van Noten – Spring / Summer 2013

Forgotten Asia and its exotic references: it is now in the world punk / urban Dries Van Noten chose to draw inspiration. Grungy influences that the creator does not hesitate to sprinkle this elegant nonchalance he has the secret to confer look carefully at his boyish silhouettes.

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Desiring to “have fun with the clothes,” Dries Van Noten this season decided to combine his favorite themes – borrowing menswear, mixed printed overlays – dear to the dress code punks, which he infuses grace and poetry.

Under the fingers of Belgian designer tiles and abandon their traditional texture “flannel” in favor of gossamer chiffon, crepe de chine or organza. For their part, the printed collide gently, while the colors are soothing and the parts they mix so deliciously random. Mixing male attire and ultra parts worked, these associations can turn chiciser of each other and skate .

Parade Dries Van Noten

We also note here, look point literal: if references to the style “roots” punks are legion, it is better to be flattering twists in pieces by sewing aspirations Dries Van Noten. Thus the duo shirt / sweater is loose boldly mixes a midi skirt with ruffles, a baggy adapts a peplum coat and plaid shirts that slip into fancy skirts 100% sewing.

Add to this moult borrowing lexicon loungewear (bathrobes, pajama set, ample nightgown, etc .) and get a cloakroom silhouettes ranging from the subtly studied nonchalance, basics sublimated and innovative city draws.

 Spring / Summer 2013

Daring to confront extreme femininity transparencies, rich textures and classic tailoring nod to androgyny punk outfits, Dries Van Noten gives us the final collection captivating deserving carefully analyzed so as to inject our lives a little “magic Van Noten.”

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