Parade Dries Van Noten – Fall / Winter 2012-2013

After a summer collection that showcases the printed tropical river is a parade celebrating the rich iconography that Asian Belgian designer Dries Van Noten unveiled on Wednesday under the chandeliers of the Hotel de Ville.

Parade Dries Van Noten

If one were to hold that thing work Dries Van Noten, it would undoubtedly be its ability to develop subtle printed for perfectly clean lines of its stylish and contemporary styles.

This season, it is in the archives of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London – Asian section – the designer drew his inspiration. Fascinated by the printed kimonos and other costumes covering Asia, the latter undertook to have these different clothes flat, in order to better photograph. Once scanned, enlarged or multiplied, these images came then affix the latest creations of Antwerp.

fashion 2013

In this iconography borrowed successively Hanfu Chinese, Korean and dobok the Japanese furisode Van Noten did not hesitate to mix science of tailoring, masculine lines and esthetics army, thus giving rise to models sharpened, the charm more urban and cosmopolitan .

Of these, one holds particularly sublime frock adorned with dragons Hong Kong, immaculate suit splattered orange lanterns and other chinoiserie, the mesmerizing officer jackets embroidered phoenix and the various models for male bill perfectly refined eclecticism graphics of the Middle Kingdom.

Winter 2012-2013

Not to mention a few pieces and sportswear references that dédramatisèrent subtly tailoring and debauchery print, we think including hoodies loose slit on the side, low pants smokes on the back or the various olive parkas.

Finally, in light of trends now no doubt that the oversize coat Emilia Nawarecka bright orange and models sporting a khaki color will surely be plebiscite by buyers.

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