New York Fashion Week is an event for the best fashion show

New York Fashion #1

A fashion show it’s not complete without the presence of celebrities and socialites who became guests of the designers, such as Beyonce Knowles, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift. No exception to the title of New York Fashion Week this season. After stealing the public’s attention on her wedding some time ago, Kim Kardashian re-appeared wearing a Vera Wang gown designs. This dress is a blue evening gown with a lace neckline. Kim also looks elegant with an accessory that attaches to his wrist.

One observer mode and also a British columnist, Ella Alexander, reveal that Kim looks very pretty with the work of Vera Wang outfit. Jewelry and makeup procedures are very harmonious and elegant featuring star aura. Kim appeared so charming with the design of Vera Wang dress, one of the designers who participated in the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer2012. She is one of the many celebrities who steal the show at any particular event. Moreover, the prestigious fashion week’s performances. Accessories and jewelry are chosen Kim came from Loren Jewel brand snakeskin motif bracelet shaped sapphire and diamond throne. With polished bright red lipstick, Kim seemed to enjoy serving Vera Wang fashion show from the adjacent seat with Beyonce Knowles.

New York Fashion #3

Furthermore, Beyonce Knowles who also came at J. Crew fashion show was impressive with gold-colored short maternity clothes. The shirt has a simple piece with a big belt studded accents of gold glitter that increasingly makes Beyonce is very regal. The singer is expecting her first child was also complementary makeup look with wavy hair and makeup simple makeup and nude-colored shoes golden. She sat in the front row while enjoying the latest collections worn by models who walked gracefully in front of him accompanied by his siblings.

Beyonce is not only present at J. Crew show alone but also on the Vera Wang show. However, this time he changed his clothes he wore. Still with color matching, Beyonce chose a dress “bubble” that has a gold colored intricate detail on the chest. Combines with high heels nude colored with a mixture of silver in the middle line. For jewelry, Beyonce let her body parts look natural without any fancy trimmings bracelet or necklace. Victoria Beckham is also not left behind. Celebrities and wife to David Beckham is quite fashion lover’s attracted public attention because of the clothes worn at the launch event as well as New York Fashion Week. Victoria to design at least 30 dresses that second line design, with the dominance of bright colors such as Cheery red, pink, and green.

Victoria also come in several other shows of fashion designers, like Marc Jacobs and J. Crew, using two different dresses, the bright pink dress accessories combined with gold bracelets and gold-colored cocktail dress. Furthermore, Taylor Swift also is invited guests of New York fashion show Fashion Week. She came on the show wearing a Rodarte dress patterned golden yellow sunflower combined with gold-colored high heels. Not be denied that more and more celebrities at fashion designers can make to reap success in the performance of their piece.

New York Fashion #2



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