Michelle obama fashion is not always from famous designers

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In recent years, Michelle obama fashion trend. A study showed that any country subject to the mother will make the outfit that sold well and its stock price had skyrocketed. However, more importantly, show the style of dress Michelle is more the style of dress that shows a diplomacy during a visit to a country. Women born 17 January 1964 also included a category of the most desirable women because men have a sexy pair of arms. Woman named Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is also often choose clothing that shows a beautiful arm, knee-length dress, and hair slicked back. This style is increasingly showing some tough choices but still shows the softness. Michelle Obama himself admitted in choosing clothes he always see what activities will be carried out and the temperature of the air where her was on the move.

For this reason,  Michelle Obama fashion always looks practical but still stylish. Michelle Obama had revealed that clothing choices do not always see the brand and does not necessarily designed by the famous desaign. The important, practical when worn. Unlike the other lady who always choose to come up with renowned fashion designer in almost every state event, the fashion icon is not ashamed to wear clothes from the label market. Michelle does not deny that there are times where he should look more fashionable. For example, during a state banquet. In this case, he is happy to provide opportunities for young designers to show their work. Combining fashion designer and label the middle class is also very exciting for her.

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For style adviser, Michelle Obama addressed by Ikram Goldman. Michelle first met Ikram Boutique in Chicago’s ikram, long before Obama ahead in the presidential election. With a good reputation and always presents a collection of unique, then there is no doubt to bring his style advisor Ikram be. For Personal Shopper, Michelle Obama appointed Meredith Koop. At his age is still 29 years, he has managed to become a personal shopper First Lady, Michelle Obama. White House finally confirm the assignment of Meredith Koop is to give advice and input for each shirt will be worn by the First Lady. In addition, he is also responsible for managing expenditure for the purposes of  michelle obama fashion .

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Hair stylist Michelle Obama entrust to Johnny Wright. Wright met with the First Lady when she was elected as a photographer with Essence Magazine in 2007. Over time, wright also Michelle’s hair for an important speech in the title at the Democratic National Convention. With the experience that Michelle finally appointed him as a hairdresser. Make-up is used Michelle Obama always looks natural and very fresh. It is not separated from the role of make-up stylist, Ingrid Grimes-Myles. A lady claimed to always look fresh and beautiful every time. Michelle saw that ability in self-Grimes, quick and satisfying results. Michelle Grimes can apply quickly when a sudden event. Women 51 years old can also make Michelle Obama’s eyebrows look thin.



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