Met Ball 2012

If any glamorous event, the prestigious Met Ball – which this year opens the exhibition “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversation” – did not like him to push the fashion elite to put on his 31. Between riot of feathers, dragged opulent baroque sexiness, couture gowns and Prada creations, toilets spotted at the 2012 opus competed in effect daring and seductive.

fashion 2012

If the Met Ball usually sees its host opt for a toilet Chanel is this time in white Prada sheath incorporating the iconography of the famous lobster expensive to Schiaparelli Anna Wintour appeared on the red carpet. A dress code showcasing the theme of the prom were invited to meet with many also wearing Prada.

We live and Gwyneth Paltrow in turn opt for a mini backless dress as fresh as sexy Kate Bosworth to wear a attractive song degraded and Carey Mulligan sublimate a multitude of metallic pellets. That said, not all have had the chance to see their beauty pradiens sublimate.

met ball 2012

With its sheath length nude noon and her thick bangs, Jessica Biel has indeed revealed much less sensual than usual, while Chloë Sevigny flirted with leaving his absurd micro Miu Miu dress revealing her underwear.

In opulent bathroom lined with purple feathers, Diane Kruger divided opinion about it, the volume of said showing the beautiful dress a bit wider than it actually is. Balanced by a nude make up and hair natural code, his choice of clothing does not, however, appeared so prohibitive.

fashion celebrity

The evening was also an opportunity for Riccardo Tisci receive a plebiscite vibrating from some of the most beautiful women of the moment. Rooney Mara, Beyonce, Gisele Bündchen and Liv Tyler celebrated indeed all the protean nature of black Givenchy by coiling sleeves in carbon sometimes sparkling, sometimes translucent, but still heady sensuality goth light.

Coached by Sarah Burton (who recommended him to twirl in front of photographers to reveal the full potential of her dress Alexander McQueen), Florence Welch reached for his hand to draw attention to the time of flight of its majestic flying before relapse into indifference once they stabilized. Immobile, these different layers of tulle held in fact much more stage costume as the prom dress.

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After feeling the Oscars nimbant white sculptural Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Ford continues today to provide visibility glamorous crocodile licorice sheathing the fascinating Rihanna and transforming into a swan fashion Chanel Iman.

We also note that if the ultra romantic Valentino haute couture creations have no such use for the freshness of young actresses such as Lily Collins and Brit Marling, the magic ceases to operate when it is unsuccessful in their forties will prince. Sarah Jessica Parker, would have been well advised to plump for a toilet a bit less blue flower.


Blunders aesthetic side, we note particularly benefits Coco Rocha (which left many observers with his circumspect vintage Givenchy dress yellow chick and her curls and pink acid), Kirsten Dunst (who appeared too severe in its entirety Rodarte 20s) and Kristen Stewart (who was unable to sublimate her Balenciaga dress).

Finally, we regret that January Jones will be taken to a “superhero” Christina Ricci for an Easter egg and Giovanna Battaglia for a flamenco dancer.

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