Maxi mini skirt + sweater = the right look

Currently in vogue among trend-setter, the duo Max pull-over/mini-jupe decidedly it all. Difficult indeed to resist the fashion appeal of this look both cozy, sensual, pragmatic and refined.

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They are foamy mesh or colored cotton maxi hoodies and other pullovers further back in 2013 will not be expected to pass the winter time to attract massive wildlife fashionistas sharp. However, as attractive as they are, they do not appear in the least little base adapted to temperatures of late summer .

A puzzle not long in resolving professional look that are the targets of Tommy Ton. To XXL hoodies and other knitted cocoon Acne, they do not hesitate in effect mixer microscopic skirts, thus overcoming the lack of freshness of these tops warmy and at the same time giving birth to one of the most duos clothing desirable at the time.

It is true that the idea of ??combining the opulence of a colored woolen a miniskirt chosen a gossamer lace – or in a lightweight fabric – is rather well thought out.

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Therefore, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the current mild summer to test this duo limited life, before the first cold – along with their attendant tights and coats – do not lose him much of his flavor.

In practice, one can opt for the trio max burgundy sweater / mini-pleated skirt white / brown moccasins for the whole skirt black hook / pull twisted oversize water green / black brogues or to mix angora wool XXL blue / micro skirt lace ivory / navy blue runnings.

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