Maxi coat + short skirt = good look

While the summer is slowly coming to an end, some do not hesitate to rhyme back and maxi coat. A risky but potentially viable, provided care to consume it in lightweight mode.

fashion style

Forgotten bikinis and hot sand: it is now autumn fashion as fashionistas considering their wardrobes. Eager to try out new trends, some have also could not resist the idea of ??lover now in the famous oversize coat of the moment.

Anxious to offset their appearance cocoon, they had the good sense to abandon neo-baggy sweaters and other under-seen on the catwalks in favor of discovering parts boldly legs. Scope bare legs, mini-skirt did nothing wrong here indeed to infuse these coats studious boyish freshness of the first autumn looks.

In practice, we think of all warm embroidered pencil skirt / boots with heels square / loose t-shirt khaki trench a somewhat too large, golden look skirt / white top blur / white shoes semi-offset of CĂ©line a long sleeveless coat or navy Zara duo COS sweater dress pale yellow / light brown ankle boots an oversize coat.

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