Marc Jacobs – Spring / Summer 2013

Après avoir superposé les couches de vêtements, Marc Jacobs continue cette saison de développer l’idée selon laquelle une femme serait en réalité bien plus sexy couverte que dénudée. Un même concept qui se voit cependant ici traité de manière radicalement différente : à la silhouette Oliver Twist de cet hiver succède en effet celle d’une Edie Sedgwick faussement puritaine, à la garde-robe aussi audacieusement graphique que subversivement classique.

fashion newsBetween stripes impeccable pretenses, sixties hairstyles, navel air and flashes of skin gushing sets for working studious girl, the first passages Parade Spring / Summer 2013 Marc Jacobs undermine American Conservatism dear to activists republican, who is here subtly mocked through shameless gimmicks renewing the concept of sexy.

marc jacobThus the severity of silhouettes – where ballerinas with pointed ends and are coordinating bags for the sake of pragmatism bordering on obsession – to see drastically diminished in contact with new more revealing necklines no birth breasts, but rather highlight the hips, through skirts descended on the lower abdomen. If the knee lengths increase and if the shirts are buttoned to the top, and it is better to focus on this neo hipsters making new bone breasts .

spring/summer 2013

Subsequently, after several passages introducing toilet satin strongly reminiscent of the aesthetics of Miuccia Prada, graphic patterns – seem straight from the “Who Are You, Polly Magoo?” William Klein – quickly resume the top, turning the robes of the final Small Op Art masterpiece (it is true that checkered sequins and shiny give a unique aura to the toilet bicolor volumes deliciously minimalist wrap). A radical shift for Marc Jacobs usually much more versed in the fantasy in the sketch.

That said, if the critics certainly salute the courage and ability to renew the creator, difficult to be totally captivated by making a parade highlight this disturbing and faces gaunt leanness.

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