Leopard print + military = the right mix

Past few years the status of print for vamp ‘than all-terrain graphics, the leopard can boast its conversion succeeded brilliantly fashion. Tawny hues have indeed gained timelessness what they lost vulgarity, point to emerge today as one of the basic components of mix and match sharp.

leopard-kim kardashian

Nothing like getting into the skin of a particular fashionista informed that ├ętrenner preview one of the major trends of the season. At a time when most fashionistas trying – with varying degrees of success – to capture petunias, rhododendrons and other flowers of hibiscus that hatched in their dressing room, and we do not hesitate to seize reminiscences populating army parades autumn / winter 2012-2013, with the aim of instilling a dimension both casual and edgy looks to our summer.

It will suffice for us it grab a piece featuring the “mottled camouflage” dear to the American GI and boost its fashion capital in combination with the famous leopard print. The meeting between style and fragrance glamor urban adventurer then be born a graphic composition of flattering (shades of khaki and caramel with the ability to marry perfectly).

And if the duo sweater military / tan wallet overview of one of Tommy Ton shots gives us furiously desire to reproduce handle hemming closely, we do not mean neglecting short duets camouflage / leopard scarf, spotted slippers / Speedy Monogramouflage, military surplus jacket / mini bag leopard animal or glasses / slim lattice, which will benefit equally from the irresistible will of this very effective mix of genres.

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