Léa Seydoux in Dior

Courted by Hollywood, pampered by the intelligentsia and loved by fashion French cinema, Léa Seydoux is definitely the girl of the moment. Highlighted a risk that, however, focus attention on stylistic choices not always happy.

Léa Seydoux in Dior

to seduce producers, directors and claws upscale the physical Léa Seydoux remains apparently no less difficult to sublimate on the red carpet. Playing on several records (female child to femme fatale), the granddaughter of Jérôme Seydoux – Chairman of Pathé – seems to have some difficulty to subtly dampen maddening sensuality.

We remember well his last red carpet in Cannes, which saw a plump Louis Vuitton dress strapless Smoke awkwardly putting emphasis on her bodice. An unfortunate experience which also seems to have served as a lesson to the young woman, who recently recurred – on the occasion of the premiere of Paris “Farewell to the Queen” – combining sublime Dior skirt and top ultra tight highlighting too obvious lack of bra.

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Daily, which became known for her role in “The Beautiful Person” does not lack taste. Alternating total looks Prada, APC style uniform shore and left, Lea Seydoux indeed all of the little Parisian boho-chic.

Therefore hope that the ceremonial toilets – which often collide awkwardly choice sharp details and bold first degree frenchy – tree by the muse of Prada Candy perfume eventually will lose their highly touted slightly in favor of a dress code more in keeping with his personal style.

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