Jil Sander Fashion Show – Fall / Winter 2012-2013

For his final collection at Jil Sander is a cloakroom sublime paradoxes moving book that we Raf Simons, between candor and absolute modernity, aesthetics and purifies fifties, sewing and lingerie volumes falsely casual evidence and deconstruction.

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Greeted by a spontaneous standing ovation moved to tears with its creator, cloakroom Jil Sander presented this Saturday, February 25 in Milan seems never flirted so closely with perfection. After seven years of dust off the sewing notion with this subtle discipline that belongs to him, Raf Simons offers indeed a parade of disturbing farewell to the fragile beauty and intense.

The early passages, further coats pastel almost ovoid soft wool – that would certainly not deny Betty Draper – diffused wave of sweetness and unifying.

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Both chic and reassuring them successively covered up toilet nude hues (combining straight skirt and bodice bourgeois sheer mesh), stripped moire satin dresses and light fluffy texture to patchwork. Charming silhouettes, which saw inject a futuristic twist finely through delicate shoes and iridescent neon splashes.

More than ever champion of neo sophisticated minimalism, the Jil Sander woman opts for evening toilet carbon, which draped and slashed discrete vintage cuts are upgraded to the bold use of technical subjects as shiny as obsidian.

 Winter 2012-2013

Particularly inspired, Raf Simons manages to hoist the simple to the rank of supreme art. Under his fingers, no free or superficial each line, each color, each volume serves its absolute vision of femininity.

Merging in a final burst infinite sweetness and geometric rigor, classicism and sensuality, strength and fragility, creativity and maddening portability, Raf Simons plunges his audience into an ecstatic state, however, not without a touch of nostalgia. It will be hard for Jil Sander to match the sweetness and incisive contemporary Belgian designer.

That said, as moving farewell Milanese were now ex-DA Jil Sander is no doubt that it will not take long to find a position in a particular prestigious house, including LVMH have everything to gain by offering him the estate of John Galliano at Dior.

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