Japanese fashion style is a blend of traditional and modern japanese

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Japanese fashion is a blend of traditional Japanese and modern style. Japanese clothing styles began to emulate Western fashion since age 21 and now turned into what is called the ‘street fashion’. The term is used to describe the mode or style of clothing worn one over the latest fashion trends blend with traditional style. Nowadays many kinds of styles of dress in Japan, including clothes from a combination of local brands and foreign brands. Some types of clothing styles that seem extreme and could be viewed as a pioneer of art which is equivalent to a fashion model in Europe. The series of phenomena of the rise and decline in popularity of the most trend clothes / apparel has been noted by Choicer Loki since 1997 in a fashion magazine ‘Fruits’. This magazine is the leading magazine which has introduced the ‘street fashion’ in Japan.

‘Street fashion’ has now become the most popular trend in Japan. It did not escape the role of young Japanese children who wore strange clothes in various urban areas such as Ginza, Odaiba, Shinjuku and Shibuya. Some examples of Japanese fashion, among others, Lolita, Cosplay, Kogal, Ganguro, Bosozoku, and Elegant Gothic Aristrocrat and harajuku. Harajuku is the concept of women’s clothing combinations with different colors. Now, harajuku fashion has been popular in the world. In fact, Hollywood celebrities such as pop singer, Gwen Stefani (former vocalist of No Doubt), always look nice with harajuku style when on stage. Harajuku style is not the same as kawaii style that looks cute or gothic lolita and cosplay, which brings to the character design of anime and manga, Japanese cartoon characters in movies and comic favorite.

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Although there are no strict rules, but you still need to know the formula to dress harajuku style. Clothing that is worn in layers, use of color materials of different materials (hit colors) and bright, decorative accessories that excess bags, headbands, and fancy earrings. In addition, braid hair with spiky ponytail is also a key word to look stylish harajuku. Despite harajuku style is so popular, but in everyday life of Japanese women wearing pleased with the design of modern Japanese fashion. In fact, some of them are also more comfortable wearing sports clothes.

But once again, Japanese women like sports clothing with bright colors. They believe, bright clothing can steal the attention of many people. And to make them memorable high, then the model platform shoes or boots to be the best choice of accessories. In addition to Japanese fashion, Japanese women are also very concerned with the world of beauty. No wonder they are willing to spend a lot of money to get the best beauty products.Eyeshadow become one of the most popular cosmetics for women of Japan, especially among teenagers.

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