Golden sneakers Isabel Marant

Become in a few seasons a major bestseller of the brand Isabel Marant, sneakers compensated imagined by the most creative of boho adopt frenchy for September 2012 a golden patina in the air battery time.

Golden sneakers

Between brocade brocaded in gold Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain baroque embroidery, metallic leather Maje and toilet lamé at Rochas Fall / Winter 2012-2013 boasts a passion for gold and precious reflections.

It must be said that in these times of economic uncertainty, it is more than ever as a safe haven, as the eyes of investors as creators. In March, and many were the collections irradièrent a burst 18k.

Isabel Marant

Yes but now, as fascinating are the capes and gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana blazers embroidered Dries Van Noten, they remain no less difficult to bear. To gain portability, golden attire must be in effect to prevent the escalation baroque adopting a more casual look than princely.

A basic rule perfectly integrated by Isabel Marant, this season offers us a pair of sneakers or leather slightly offset past. Casual and sporty, they can afford to play without fear of alchemists appear “too much”.


In practice, their golden glow and will not like him to wake up skinny jeans and khaki gross to boost straight skirts a little too severe for twister or a sweater dress burgundy.

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