French fashion is one of the world famous

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France was known to be amazing and elegance in dress, no surprise that Paris is considered the fashion capital of the world. If you feel your style requires more sophistication, try to imitate the style of French fashion. The key lies in understated clothing and accessories that are not too glitzy. Promod is a French fashion brand established since 1975. In ’90an, Promod shop expansion into the Middle East and Russia. In 2006, Promod back up to open a boutique in Asia such as Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. With that success, Promod fashion now a well-known brand in the world to have 550 boutiques spread across 35 countries.

  • General Guidelines
    one of the cardinal rules of the code of  French fashion, Shorts and a T-shirt looks great popular in North America is rarely seen among the French, unless they are in the privacy of their own homes. More specifically, the French prefer clothes that look presentable.

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  • Summer clothing
    While France did not experience hot temperatures in summer, most French men and women do not wear shorts. To stay calm, men often wear pants that ended at mid-calf length and made of lightweight fabric.French women choose patterned skirt or capri pants that ended at or below the knee for spring and summer. Both the male and the female partner is a warm-weather pants with short sleeve button-down shirt or a simple T-shirt.

little black dress

  • Dresses
    Because of the simplicity and elegance, little black dress is a very important French fashion for the majority of women. Of course, women wore dresses are designed in a color other than black. Sometimes displays a variety of patterns, both dresses are worn in professional and casual settings. However, in an effort to avoid the flashy, loud clothing in France often dark and minimalist patterns for dresses and other clothing.


  • Footwear
    French people do not wear shoes, but in a different style of shoes worn by many Americans. Unless they exercise, the French men and women do not wear the traditional white sneakers sport. Instead, they chose to slim-fitting fashion shoes are made of materials such as canvas. During the summer, leather sandals, as opposed to flip-flops, is the preferred choice of summer footwear for men and women in France.


  • Scarves
    Scarves are a favorite accessory for both men and women in the French fashion. Elegant tied, knitted or wool scarf worn to protect the neck from the cold during the winter and fall. They hang a light scarf made of fabric, like silk or cotton, on the shoulder or tie them in a knot around the neck.


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