Flats – Fall / Winter 2012-2013

The fall / winter 2012-2013 have prescribed, the trend-setter adopted: at the beginning of fashion week, the dish – brogues, ballet flats, boots, etc.. – Invaded the pavement in New York


While we believe them addicted to dizzying heights and the slimming effect of heels 14 cm, models and other fashionistas who arpentèrent recent days near Lincoln Center have shown that flat shoes can also be found through their eyes.

It will thus suffice that the creators put to plebiscite return zero altitude to see fashionistas pointed to authorize the comfort of a pair of brogues, of slippers or boots.

fashion model

That said, if Kitty Charlotte Olympia, slippers and other sweets Miu Miu Studded Valentino did nothing wrong, they are nevertheless the shoes a bit more massive – even androgynous – who currently popular. One thinks especially of Doc Martens, chelsea boots, Buckles Balenciaga, Rochas moccasins, brogues shoes Armani as well as bi-material Alexander Wang.

Level dress code, we will not hesitate to draw the models look “off duty”, many of which are master to perfection the trend “flat shoes”.

fashion modelThe flat boots will be well with baggy shorts and short on the thigh (to counteract their effect “tamping”), while derbies and other footwear revealing the ankle have any interest in flirting with lengths a little wiser (pleated schoolgirl skirt, pants ? printed dress minimalist …). Finally, we note that the gain in one casual silhouettes pepper through the port sock pattern (leopard, camouflage, etc..) .

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