Fendi Fashion Show-Spring / Summer 2013

Karl Lagerfeld has so many hats, it is unquestionably the artistic director of Fendi that suits him best. Both dynamic and sensual graphics, the latest summer collection of the Italian brand is in fact one of the most prominent of the fashion week in Milan.

Fendi fashion showBetween sportswear vision of femininity and crafts exception (control treatment of leather and fur reached peaks here), the locker room this season imagined by Karl Lagerfeld is as playful as delightfully contemporary chic.

Inspired by the Cubist movement and Bauhaus architecture, the man ponytail indeed imagine the quilts toilet graphics, where lightness and softness of the leather hues give a dimension if it is summer, at least in spring creations skins and furs which have the spotlight. On the podium, lines, cuts and solid colors to mix and are answered, giving rise to both sets subtly powerful and innovative.

fashion image

Examples include the duo skirt / jacket astrakhan where lines and cuts are answered, the military shirt tastefully blending candor blue leather peplum and form, the leather pants 7/8 to cut internal or colored with delicate shift dresses whose pockets remind belts carpenters.

Subsequently, cocoon coats with raglan armholes and sleeves puffed wrapped with an elegant urban energy crossbred beautiful bun topped with a banana. We regret, however, that the following passages have looked like a bad declination recent Chanel collections.

A brief moment of madness, however, quickly forgotten after the onset of Graceful required to tie & dye motifs evoking some interstellar explosions and toilet sparkling volumes and neo-classical backbone.

fashion 2013

It also welcomes the opus shoesesque season, which made the spotlight on sandals mutant between rivets, straps, girly, heels studs “Raynaud” and max “scales” concentric. Not to mention the bands head “crowns futuristic” and the transformation of the famous baguette bag colorful cover pin (a good way to boost the attractiveness of the “it” bag house).

Between constructivist and grammar soothing colors, the Fendi collection manages to find a balance between creativity, desirability and portability. Qualities that should earn him a unanimous plebiscite from the fashion intelligentsia.

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