Fashion tips according to body shape

Fashion tips #1

Form of a woman’s body appeared to have different categories. In order to choose the right clothes, you should know before buying clothes body shape. Many women use the wrong clothes and accessories, thus giving the impression the worse for his appearance. Not only to note the appearance in the dress but to note also the comfort and health for the body. For fashion tips, note the following before you wear clothes.

Fashion tips #2

Body Straight
For those of you who were straight, pay attention to how to add a notch on your body.  fashion tips are better to wear two pieces so as to give effect to the curve at your waist. Choose a supervisor or overalls with a piece on the waist or wear a big belt / ribbon tied at the waist. Wear a pleated skirt (rimple) so that your lower body seems fuller. Tops with ruffles model is also advisable to divert the eyes of people from your body straight. Wear a wrap dress with a knot at the waist to add a curve. Do not wear tight tops, because it will reinforce your body’s shape actually. Avoid loose clothing; because it will make you increasingly do not have curves. Leave crop jacket / bolero because these clothes are actually showing that you have no waist curve.

fashion tips #3

Body Shaped Sand Clock
if you have an hourglass body shape, does not hesitate to show your curves. Clothing with fashion tips are cut at the waist will maximize your waist indentation. Retro style in the 40s or 50s who are the current trends is right for you. Belted jackets or pencil skirt is very fitting for you. Clothing made from stretch will accentuate every curve of your body; stretch that is too tight will make you look cheap. Avoid loose or oversized tops, because it makes you look big and straight. Avoid patterned knits because it makes you look fat and big on the chest and buttocks.

 fashion tips #4

Small Body
Choose clothing fashion tips is to accentuate your body shape and maintain tidiness. Cropped jacket, capri perfect for your petite. Avoid the use of skirt over your knees, because it will make you look shorter. Wear a long skirt with knee-length, so you look taller. Better to wear the right shoes with about 5cm. because high-heeled shoes are too high it will reinforce your body really are. Avoid clothes in layers as it will drown your body. Avoid pants with wide pipe model, because you will look more petite.

clothing that is suitable for large breasts

Large Breasts
For your big breasted underwear and choose the right clothes, so you do not need to be uncomfortable with your breast size. Provide tips on fashion are a special budget to buy clothes in a nice, choose the right bra to look slim, because the problem that most often arises is the selection of the wrong bra. Tops with v-neck long can distract from your chest, you should wear a tank top in it to cover the cleavage. Jacket or a shirt of cotton can be attached to your body perfectly, so that your upper body will look slimmer. Avoid shirts that are too tight or open unless you really want to be people’s attention. Avoid like a turtle neck tops or tops with detail on the chest because it will make part of your chest to the attention of people.

Big Hips

Big Hips
fashion tips is subordinate to the dark colors will streamline your lower body. Trousers wide pipe can compensate for your body shape. Subordinates are simple or not much detail to give the impression you’re sexy on, a pencil skirt or straight skirt is right for you. Tops with details such as a collar or shoulder wide open or accessories will distract people from the lower part of your body.



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