Fashion designers are those who has extensive experience in designing clothing

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Fashion designers are those who has extensive experience in designing clothing. They give their best ideas for clothing designs. They also contribute in determining how to choose the mix of fabric color and add-ons to be attached. Produce quality clothing and contains the company logo which authenticates their originality. If you want to stand out in public, then the clothes of the designer is the best option for you. They are specifically designed to meet your fashion to attend an event on various occasions. Their designs in the form of pants, shirts, T-shirts, shorts, jackets, caps, hats, and sweaters. Produced using technology refined after consultation with a fashion designer who is very experienced. Various tests and trials carried out before being put into the market. Care is needed to ensure that garments are not sensitive and rough on the skin of the wearer.

King of the French fashion designers, Yves Saint Laurent, born on August 1, 1936 in Oran, Algeria. His family moved to Paris when he was 17 years old, and since then he entered the world of fashion. Saint Laurent met with Christian Dior in 1954 and became his assistant. After his teacher’s death in 1957, the saint was appointed as chief stylist at fashion house Dior. The emergence of the world’s first fashion shows “Trapeze collection” which explores the new revolution silhouette, with shoulders low until a full skirt. Had served in the French military in 1960, Saint Laurent’s career stalled. But over time he got up and successful return to Dior. He also changed the fashion world by introducing slacks to women and introduces a modern style of dress. On one occasion, Saint Laurent once said Clothing not only make women so beautiful, but also can give you the confidence and enable women to achieve their own definition.

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A famous fashion designers also from Gibraltar, John Galliano was fired from Christian Dior fashion house Christian Dior as Creative Director. Reliable fashion designer born 28 November 1960 it has handled the fashion house since 15 years ago. John joined the Chirstian Dior on October 14, 1996 which replaced the position of Gianfranco Ferré. John has his own label and he became one of the world’s fashion trendsetter ever since. But the fate of the other said. Fashion designer with the full name of Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillen, must be detained by police because he threw a racist diatribe against the Jews and Asia. This dismissal shocked the world of fashion. Since this announcement came a day before the fashion shows autumn / winter 2011 in Paris. Natalie Portman, one of the Oscar reveals that he will not be associated with Galliano in any way. Natalie, as a descendant of Jews deeply regrets the attitude of Galliano.

Famous fashion designers, Oscar de la Renta dress criticize the United States first lady, Michelle Obama. That’s because Michelle was wearing a sleeveless dress with red and black color combination works sarah burton from Alexander McQueen fashion house during Chinese President Hu Jintao welcomed the official state dinner. he deplored why Michelle chose a British fashion designer. In criticizing the fashion choices Michelle, he asserts are not driven by motives of competition. Oscar also criticized Michelle is “faithful” in a number of designers only. He did not mind Michelle Obama often wear casual clothing label J. Crew, or sometimes put on by Jason Wu. According to him, however, still many designers from the United States who design outstanding. Less precise, said Oscar if the First Lady just fanatics on some designers only.


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