Fashion design customized by size and shape of body

fashion design #1
Just because your body is not the size of the model, does not mean you can not wear fashion design with the latest trends. The most important thing you can do when dealing with your body size is to simply analyze.Look at your body as a whole and ultimately determine what shape you really are. Once you know it, you can start dressing according to your shape. Do not wear skinny jeans just because it is the trend because they may not look right in your body. So, here are four different forms of your body along with women’s clothing tips for you

fashion design #2

  • Apples form
    Body shaped like an apple has a rounded body shape that tends to short and slightly larger in the middle. To eliminate the focus of the center, top fashion design wear a design empire with a collar V-neck, empire line cut below the chest To get form the central part of a larger entity. For subordinates, you can wear straight-cut pants. Do not choose a pair of pants or jeans full of detail because it will make you more visible “full”.Choose pants with a simple piece of shaped slim or boot cut. Or you can wear a skirt folding. Avoid pencil skirts because it will make the body of the middle and bottom look big.

fashion design #3

  • Pear Shape
    Body with a pear shape is characterized by larger at the bottom, especially the hips and buttocks. To fix this, wear that fashion design is more brightly colored than the bottom. Avoid dark top because it gives the impression of lower body bigger. You can choose your boss with a strong shoulder pieces such as jackets. And also select the material a bit thick and stiff. We recommend wearing waist-length jacket or wear knee-length jacket, to cover it. For subordinates, choose skirts that narrowed at the bottom and dark. It can cover the lower body. Avoid wide ruffle skirt bottom. And choose a pair of pants or dark jeans. Then to choose pieces that widened at the bottom, or better known as “boot cut”.

fashion design #4

  • Shape Ruler / Straight
    For straight-shaped body, requires women’s clothing that can make the body look fuller and shaped. Wear fashion design with detail in some parts, such as frill, wrinkle, ribbons, and so on. Do not wear women’s clothing made from lightweight and fall because it will make the body look more ‘thin’. When wearing a dress, choose a cut skirt or A-line expands.You can wear women’s clothing that gives the impression of volume.Puffy sleeves like shape, drapes, and so on. Wear a big belt as an accent.
  • Shape of Sand Clock
    Hourglass body shape can be said to be ideal. Body parts are smaller at the waist can you make an asset to look sexy. Wear fashion design as a dress with A-line skirt to focus on a slim waist. Wearing a pencil skirt fits perfectly with the silhouette of an hourglass body shape and will look more sexy. You can also choose the model of high-waist pants if protruding stomach, and low-waist if somewhat flat stomach and want to highlight the waist. Jeans boot cut or straight pipe also you can use.

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