Fashion clothes altered nearly every year by the designers to showcase the latest trends

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There was no denying a lot of women are very happy with the latest fashion clothes so they can update to get clothes that can make them look beautiful, sexy, elegant, and also fashionable in appearance daily. for men may still not very enthusiastic about such a woman but a fraction of them know about the development trend of current models of clothes, so they do not miss the latest fashion for the problem. For style fashion trends 2011 fashion becomes very interesting to us refer to the number of sensual clothes that make the audience of fashion in 2011 are very satisfied in the latest styles. Each year, the fashion trend is always dominated by the style-different style. In the year 2011, the retro style ala the 1970’s and a bit of Korean style have graced our fashion trend. Then what about in 2012?

Fashion  clothes by 2011 almost every year is cut by the designers to display the latest trends. And usually in the event held at the end of the month, while the latest trends 2011-2012 fashion models are models of fashion trends from various countries. United States has one of the most know much about fashion. The main towns are the center of attention fashion is new york, chicago, los angeles and las vegas. Each city take part in an event called fashion week. Usually occurs in September when they wear the latest fashion show with clothing for next year. Autumn 2011 for the main color are very neutral. Featured styles like loose and style sweater vest, long cargo pants, denim, different color stockings and black dress. In the spring of 2012 a lot of neon colors that will become popular as a green, fluorescent yellow, pink, tangerine and blue light. Style that became popular is the sailor flower power. Carolina Herrera has designed a series of groundbreaking collection 2011-2012.

For the 2012 Carolina Herrera’s fashion clothes carrying the long and short dresses, suitable for formal occasions or semi-formal and elegant. To choose a short dress short dress zeta in shades of silver with stone accents to provide a glamorous garment. This short dress is inspired by fashion in 50s and 60s. Whereas for long dresses there are discrete patterns to dress very formally coupled with folds and ruffles at the neck. So impressed elegant and classic.

fashion clothes #2

The latest clothing styles trends 2012, fashion clothes in the year 2012 will also be colored black and white. Although not entirely different from the year 2011, the theme of fashion in the year 2012 will be quite unique because we will be invited back in time 92 years ago, precisely in 1920. The year 1920 was the year in which the ‘new-spirited woman’ appears. Intent ‘new spirited woman’ here are the women who began to rebel from social bondage and manners, then start over thinking on careers and marriages arranged. As a result, there are drastic changes in the way they dress. Most of them are no longer using a corset which at the time was compulsory item for every woman. Instead, they began to dress a little loose and open.

Fashion clothes is simple with bright colors but elegant, fur coats, bob haircut, cloche hats, knee-length dress, as well as long-chain necklace is the hallmark of a woman dressed in those days. And that theme was the one who will accompany us in 2012.Wedges shoes certainly would not miss to beautify our feet, but the simple flat shoe will also be a trend.

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