Fashion careers is very important to consider your work to support the activities

fashion works #1

All mothers must be busy today. Whether it’s busy with activities at home and are also active with an office job or own businesses, must have had something to do. Mothers who are also concurrently working woman usually carrying a variety of things at once like a laptop with a bag of groceries, lunch brought from home and others. Women workers are also a mother who seemed to have fused the two worlds. Not a few mother and career woman is in the afternoon to attend a board meeting, attend evening meetings with parents their child’s school. In the world of work, did you know that the selection of fashion careers is one aspect that supports career success? When attending an interview a prospective employee will dress as professionally as possible to give a good first impression of the interviewer.

The ways you dress, and what you are wearing consciously or not, reflect the personality, purpose and goals. So do not blame the company if you are not accepted to work at their place because you wear jeans to the interview, or wearing a suit jacket / blazer with a combination of color ‘hit and run’ or motifs that are too ‘shouting’. A good self-image is also from the selection of the color of clothing. In psychology, the color is believed to have special powers that can affect mood, emotion, until the good health for the wearer and the people in the surrounding environment. In the selection of fashion careers, color psychology can be used as a reference for any color you choose will convey a strong impression about your personality and image.

fashion works #2

The working mothers do not have much time. He must be clever to set the time and be practical, including in terms of mix and match clothing. So as not to bother, here are some points that can help you in choosing a fashion careers

  • Subtract one-piece dress
    No need too much to buy dress, jumpsuit, or other one piece dress, because you can only wear it once. People will instantly recognize when you are wearing one-piece, as it’s pretty iconic. One time use and you should immediately wash the clothes, too, rarely can be worn many times.
  • Blazers and jackets
    Formal blazers and jackets is the best way to create a professional impression on the skirt or pants. Plus, if you replace subordinates with jeans or leggings, a blazer or jacket would be directly visible fun and chic. Choose a jacket or blazer with a solid color (one color), intersecting the body fit, and without much detail. Invest in different lengths. Jacket worn as superficial, while not too dirty can be charged many times from the clothes you wear in them replaced.
  • Skirt
    Skirts are a professional fashion that important to have. A little motif on the skirt is still safe to have. Make sure you can mix and match this outfit with other clothes you have. We recommend that you choose a skirt with a medium size, not too short, but also not too long. You want to be able to move freely without having to worry will be lifted so in short skirts, or hard to move because it is too long.

working clothes #5

  • Pants
    “Rules” pants around not far from the “rules” above. Choose a solid color. Safe color pants, with a beautiful piece on the body, such as boot cut or wide-leg will look chic when paired with denim jacket, Windbreaker, blazers, and so on. Khaki pants are also very easily combined. However, vigilant with khaki slacks that are too thin, because it could leave the impression is less attractive.
  • Blouses / tops beautiful
    Select blouses or tops with sleeves and a variation on an interesting little detail. Imagine the beautiful clothes, but you can still move freely while taking care of kids running around or ask for help wearing seatbelts in the backseat. Sleeves are too long with bell model will make it difficult to move when you have to do things like that.
  • Cardigans
    Cardigan with all models of the neck, both V-neck or scoop neck will help you to move while looking attractive. Rather than buy a sweater that can only be worn once in a while plus a difficult treatment, the cardigan is the best choice.

working clothes #6

  • Stocking
    your user type stockings? If yes, from far-distant day, make sure you keep a backup of new stockings at home and at work. You never know what events will make holes in your stockings. This is the most embarrassing thing because it makes you look is not a concern.
  • Scarf
    Scarf is also a nice option to add a beautiful impression. Can be attached to the bag, the neck, or close the hair on a hot day. Make sure the color is quite safe paired with dresses that you have.
  • Note the material
    you know your daily activities will be high, not infrequently; you will be in hurry and sweaty clothes. Make sure you have clothing made of material that absorbs sweat, avoid buying fashion careers with the daily wear type clothing “Dry Clean Only” will take time to clean it and the price is not cheap. Clothing with such symbols can be worn only occasionally, especially at a formal event.


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