Ethno chic necklaces

Like the wax at Burberry Prorsum, ethnic jewelry this season have decided to merge DNA tribal and Western gimmicks. Examples include the massive necklaces combining local crafts and inspirations chic this season proposed by Fenton, Lizzie Fortunato or Aurélie Bidermann.

ethno chic

These days, it is not uncommon to see pullovers and T-shirts adorn themselves with necklaces imposing bourgeois (see here and here). This winter, many fashionistas are indeed combining casual top and Choker bracelet 90’s. However, some of them are already past the next step by adopting mixing folklore tribal jewelry and more conventional jewelery.

Thus qu’apparurent recently on the blog The Sartorialist young women wearing necklaces combining massive creative and aesthetic details Masai. Making coexist on the same part of the world a priori antagonists, these luxurious ornaments fit perfectly into the tendency to put a patina on the Western heritage of a particular tribe in Africa.

Ethno chic necklaces

Next spring, the chains bracelets combine to moult and braids (see here and here), when not found mixed with a few wooden beads and other turquoise. For their part, the precious stones to affix metal shapes recalling some exotic ornaments (Fenton). Finally, we note the presence of ethnic jewelry 100% obtained their pass for 2012 is flowing into precious metals (Aurélie Bidermann) or adopting radically modern textures (Mawi).

Dress-code level, we segregate the mantra “less is more” the jewel wants more massive, more maintenance will be accompanying the play casual or elegantly minimalist chic.

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