Dolce & Gabbana – Spring / Summer 2013

Obsessed with native Sicily Domenico, duo Dolce & Gabbana has once again decided on the occasion of his last show spring / summer, drawing its inspiration in the heart of the heritage of the Mediterranean island. At the risk of appearing redundant seriously.

Dolce & Gabbana

Season after season, Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows come and go like, “la dolce vita” – version Sicilian – do not be ending declined in the collections of the Italian label. Difficult blow to adhere fully to the atmosphere cheerfully optimistic and sweetly from the podium summer Dolce & Gabbana Spring / Summer 2013, both first-degree and non-renewal parasitize all.

In direct contact with the Sicilian folklore, the passages and oscillate between cymas moving figurines for street theater, carnival toilet burlap held crochet patterns containing the crockery Caltagirone and crinolines wicker sorely lacking subtlety.

Spring / Summer 2013

Moreover, as in every season, the black lace of essential Sicilian widows reveal some retro lingerie sets, while the fancy jewelry literal Parent ears dummies and bags borrow from local crafts ultra textures worked.

Provided (and this is the commercial genius of the binomial), the collection does not see less punctuated models likely to fly to their customers. Examples include models striped umbrella, more sober than the rest of the collection can breathe kitschissimes between two patterns.

fashion 2013

And if we can not deny the “summer appeal” for tourists scarves knotted headbands, nor simplissimes dresses of multicolored stripes, it is nevertheless clear that in deciding not to go out of their comfort zone, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana lose some credibility here.

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