Dolce & Gabbana – Spring / Summer 2012

Claiming more than ever Italian-Sicilian roots, it is nothing less than a succession of Sophia Lauren both sensual and nurturing the duo Dolce & Gabbana did pass Sunday in the Metropol Milan.

dolce &gabbana

If offers neither sensational new or innovative concept, cloakroom designed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana Spring / Summer 2012 has not less appealing. Paid more in homage to female beauty in textile testing, both men offer us a variation of toilets celebrating the joy of living 100% Italian, where food and glamor are intrinsically linked.

Judging by the many pieces featuring printed “firsts”, aubergines, tomatoes, cucumbers and other fruits indeed seem to be the new favorite tricks of those beautiful bun to blur parts market equipped with their braided bag.


Once finished their shopping, they do not hesitate, however, to increase the sophistication of their outfits by affixing 3D flowers and belts plexiglass, when they decide not to totally abandon them in favor of a vegetarian diet sets lace pastel.

Followed by the inevitable and dramatic silhouettes carbon black intense sips of this Sicilian turn infinitely elegant, strong and modest, which is followed by a series of multicolored beads coated pieces echoing the carnival lights and decor evoking some ornaments Dancer char .

Stella McCartney

Delicious nod to the beauty contest, the final scroll saw last show of the 60 models in retro lingerie sets, transformed for the occasion into real costumes parade.

Attractive, wielding a humor tinged with irony clich├ęs associated with the Italian woman, this collection lacks some or freshness, or fashion appeal. Regrettably simply the lack of risk-taking style of the duo, as well as some loans to the worlds of Stella McCartney and Miuccia Prada.

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