Dior – Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2012

Time passes and Bill Gaytten – that was presented during his inauguration as head of the studio as the Dior shadow man supposed to ensure the transition between John Galliano and his successor – is already in its second collection haute couture. Presented in the intimacy of salons on Avenue Montaigne, it proved far more compelling than the previous .


We feel more confident man, less fragile, as if Bill Gaytten began to fully assume the heavy task at hand: to perpetuate the legacy Dior. Swept the memory of a couture collection fall / winter 2011-2012 is lost between the desire to do too much and different subjects: codes ranging from home and reminiscences 50s, forty passages show display consistency as reassuring as unifying.

Offering retro sensuality mastered volumes drawn in via archives Dior almost systematic use of translucent fabrics (chiffon, organza, tulle), Bill Gaytten offers a cloakroom while restraint and suggestiveness.

Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2012

Between foot print oversized cock, size ultra sharp, long leather gloves so fifties, jacket crocodile carbon bar and revised in fashion 2012, new look skirts, pleated elaborate embroidery and discrete, the Dior woman is offered a guard dress delicate and luxurious, which will not fail to seduce customers Avenue Montaigne.

Opulent, but no less delicate prom dresses closing presentation will have on them no harm to sublimate those that will wear at the next Oscars.

Dior - Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2012

In deciding to do the opposite of his predecessor, Bill Gaytten manages to impart a flattering balance to his collection between freshness and distinction. On the podium, the rigor of the craftsman is thus not the madness of the artist rational bias infusing the Parisian house serenity saving .

Having lost some elegance in contact with a great, but excessive mentor, the Dior woman found under the umbrella of one Gaytten look chic and delicate. It would therefore be in the order of things than that, for more than sixteen years in this jewel of French couture is officially handed the reins of the artistic direction of Dior .

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