Celine – Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Since the beginning of the Célinemania, Op Pre-Fall claw Paris is undoubtedly one of those that is eagerly awaited. Nothing can indeed inspire the fashion sphere more than a handful of new creations signed Phoebe Philo. Remains whether Celine’s fans manage to find their happiness in this bold wardrobe devoid of compromise.

Celine- fashion-1

In the fall of 2012, Phoebe Philo have a look in the mirror to rework some of the strengths Celine. So no real news in these few figures, but many propositions that showcases the stylistic gimmicks dear to the designer.

In practice, the skirts of summer 2012 volantent tops and a bit stiff, leather and suede marry a straight skirt falsely wise, stripes energize sweaters, tight pants to think bicolor mode, while claiming the minimalist coats reflex “single button” and the cheek fur oversize (when she teams up with some not rib and other boiled wool).

To this, Phoebe Philo adds a digression on the subject of baggy pants, which adopts masculine chic draws here between nonchalance and sophistication. Yes but now, if it has the merit of renewing the concept of the silhouette unisex difficult to follow the creative path of the neo-sportswear when his oversize pants begin to barter their wool Striped soft leather.

Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

At the same time, some looks clearly missing some subtlety leave us wondering. One thinks especially of sets leather licorice or fur interior: refusing to compromise, they struggle to appear aesthetic.

However, the presence of these few experimental silhouettes does not preclude the presentation of Pre-Fall pieces abound as strong immediately desirable. No doubt indeed that this costume volumes finely striped tennis XXL, this version of the tuxedo fluid, these dresses from simple to most (see here and here), these jackets and coats with sleeves slightly too long (see here and here) and these will be revisited printed ikat fly from the fairer fashion.

Remains to be seen how Gaia Repossi and other fans of Phoebe Philo will implement the grammar Celine Pre-Fall 2012. Response in a few weeks during the fashion weeks of February .

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