Celebrity fashion the most demanding in asia in 2011

If Celebrity fashion Asia still follow America or Europe decades ago, the current trend of Asia already has his own clothes that sometimes even the often imitated by western countries. The fashion world is growing rapidly as the number of celebrities who look stunning in any event with a fashion that they wear. So much to emulate their style.

Celebrity fashion #3

What really makes clothing trend in Asia is unique?
Celebrity fashion trend in Asia usually come from countries like Japan and Korea. With a wide range of concepts such as cute and confident, stylish, classy or sporty, Japanese and Korean clothing trends successfully spread its popularity throughout Asia. In addition to clothing, accessories such as necklaces, belts and glasses also become an important and popular fashion items in Asia.

5 Popular Women’s Clothing Trends 2011:

1. Glitter
although not all women can wear glitter, this trend is favored by celebrities and eventually also became popular among the laity.

2. Sporty
Trend sporty clothes are even less popular in western countries; it became super popular in Asia. Providing girly vibe, sporty clothes casual but trendy is suitable for everyday wear.

3. Jumpsuit

This type of retro clothes on this one managed to popularize himself again with a different model. Memorable chic but simple, this dress trend can also be used for semi-formal occasions.

4. Modern style office
It was past the age when fashion office just a white shirt and black skirt. With bright colors and trendy shirt or a model of simple but chic frocks, you’ll become a trend-setter in the office. The style of dress is also in demand as a celebrity fashion not only in Asia but also the Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian .

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5. Long shirt pastel
Pastel colors give you the impression of soft and elegant. In the form long shirt combined with a belt width, pastel-colored clothing trend became very popular, especially among career women.

Celebrities are always in the spotlight. From the start the way they style, hair style, makeup, and clothes and even used to be a trendsetter. Celebrity fashion becomes a guide for the general public as a recommendation for their dress. It is quite natural but to note is the shape of your body adjust to the type of fashion that will be used, prioritizing the comfort factor. And most importantly be you. Thus you will feel confident, because that’s the real beauty of the eternal beauty.





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