Carine Roitfeld at Harper’s Bazaar

So it was believed fiercely attached to her new independence, Carine Roitfeld was apparently unable to resist the lure of Hearst group (direct competitor of his former employer Condé Nast). Against all odds, and she will soon post of fashion editor of 26 editions of Harper’s Bazaar.

Carine Roitfeld

Its biannual magazine (“CR Fashion Book”), his many collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld, her makeup line for MAC and its new status as grandmother will finally not enough to satiate one who does not hesitate to do the same Bryan Boy at recent fashion weeks, succumbing to strange goggles Rick Owens.

By March 2013, the insatiable fifties will indeed the task of overseeing the charter aesthetic editions of Harper’s Bazaar, but also to collaborate with Stephen Gan – artistic director of the magazine and incidentally best friend Mrs. Roitfeld – on many fashion series which will be published in all editions of glossy. When does not embrace the role of columnist to give his views on some of the highlights of the season .

Carine Roitfeld at Harper's Bazaar

Two years after his ouster of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld takes his revenge by becoming one of the trump cards of one of the most influential fashion publications in the world. What somewhat irritating his former employers, who may not really enjoy the “passage to the enemy” that which has been constantly making himself indispensable to fashion cosmos since leaving office Condé Nast.

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