Boots ethno urban Miista

More than any other season, summer focuses attention on the details. Faced with rising temperatures, looks indeed shed their leaves gradually to keep only the essentials: a mini bag pepsy, retro sunglasses and a pair of boots a bit boho summer.

Boots ethno urban Miista

If “Jealous” from Ash and “Dicker” Isabel Marant become an integral part of the panoply of the perfect hippista, they do not prove in a bit too opaque least once exceeded the threshold of 25 degrees. However, out of the question to pass the irresistible touch of bohemian distributed by such boots.

Fueled by the sight of many boho looks seen on the last festival Coachella, our desires parts urban folk influences ranging from Native American and South American folklore indeed never cease to grow.


Difficult in this context to miss the boots open toe claw Miista London. It is true that in caramel leather, lacing boots, sandals cut heel and weaving rectangle “Inca”, these are worth their weight in hippisante coolness.

Rich in detail strengths, Laura Villasenin creations will have the chic to climb a wink peace & love the dimension of many looks. Once laced his boots indeed succeed without difficulty ├ęthniser destroyed boyfriend jeans, to “woodstockiser” asymmetrical pleated skirts, to twist the bleached denim shorts, skating the looks sporty / army or a note injecting folk shades of white to false.

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