Balenciaga Fashion Show – Spring / Summer 2013

Balenciaga, the young woman ultra keen brain and technical innovations from the latest collections of the brand in Paris this season gives way to a confident young lady herself, needing very little tricks to appear as universally cool chic.

Balenciaga Fashion Show

Taking black and white classic aura, Nicolas Ghesquière opens his show spring / summer 2013 looks dramatically sharpened, where sleek sexy and glamorous tailoring draw some looks if not revolutionary, at least effective.

However, it was the seventh passage of the show to see the silhouette of the season Balenciaga: a “cape” cropped accompanying asymmetrical skirt flying. A silhouette strong – between impulse and minimalist details Hispanics – honoring the modernist vision of femininity by Nicolas Ghesquière.

Spring / Summer 2013

It is not that the latter is most likely to attract buyers, the following revealing looks – mostly – more desirable and easy going. We think of the dresses of residents revisited mode asymmetrical, then translated into micro skirts wise accompanied tops first communion shirt or leather.

Soon after, the looks of Catholic schoolgirls give way to sets modest tweed and lace for girl of good family, who will soon slumming in contact with neo-jackets.

fashion 2013

Tailors and other uniform strict succession then falsely toilets youthful energy that meet end hook and pull pleated skirt, all moving thereafter to more sophisticated outfits, which consist of leather sparks scholars and souplissimes puzzles. We regret that this surge simply creative, Nicolas Ghesquière has seen fit to associate for details “barbed wire” a bit too first degree .

If it is slightly more commercial than usual, this collection does not mean lack of innovative ideas. As if, after looking at all costs conceptuality, Ghesquière now trying to find a balance between sensitivity and avant-garde dimension ready-to-wear.

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