APC x Nike sneakers

Invited to rethink two iconic models of Nike, APC delivers to September 2012 a capsule collection of more attractive, which combines brilliantly with pragmatism and minimalism.


Determined to take advantage of the current craze for sneakers and other runnings, Nike and APC had recently idea of ??bringing their expertise to give birth to sneakers likely to attract both fans of the brand to the point Customer hype Jean Touitou.

After a first collaboration in 2009, the two brands we offer now and clean versions of the famous Nike Dunk and Air Max inevitable. Passed to the “filter Touitou,” they do indeed retain the bulk, leaving fluorescent colors and draws multicolored shades in favor of sober likely to agree with any urban look.

Comes in blue, brown, white but also false, the Dunk and simply mix leather and suede, so come spice texture of his monochromes. For its part, the Air Max plays sobriety combining preppy navy blue and olive green logo.

APC x Nike sneakers

No doubt the new converts to sneakers will be very difficult to resist this album APC x Nike, as its color mat will easily accommodate their sharp casual outfit.

The Nike Dunk Navy will join the trio indeed easily faded blue slim / shirt pea / navy blue blazer, model milk chocolate with whole green forest Kenzo corolla skirt / fin pale yellow sweater / maxi printed scarf in shades of caramel and the trio Air Max skinny jeans / burgundy peplum top / short cardigan olive.

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