Antik Batik Embroidered cover

In summer, while looks are summarized most of the time the duo denim shorts / loose t-shirt, accessories are often of paramount importance. It is true that the latter, like an irresistible cover “ethno gipsy” signed Antik Batik, are a great way to instill character and whimsy to our outfits.

antik batik

Acclaimed by both models willing to twist a bit loose their attire as sharp bloggers and stylists “magazine” wishing to inject a note to a particular exotic casual shape, pockets Antik Batik currently seduce all directions.

It must be between floral cotton quilts, embroidery and beads indianisantes ethno fantasy, the latter proving to be a real good mood exotic condensed, may wake up many of our summer looks.

Antik Batik Embroidered cover

Nothing like that actually cover ultra colorful accumulating details cosmopolitan mix to boost the boyfriend jeans / top peplum, to feminize the inevitable duo denim shorts / khaki shirt, to update small white dresses for summer or flirting with the trend “mix and match of prints.”

Far from being called to become obsolete quickly, this kind of pieces that showcases the charms gipsy should also – if we are to believe the last parade Altuzarra – losing their appeal once September comes. Now resulted in the e-shop brand, sparkling Antik Batik clutch likely to find themselves quickly out of stock.

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