80 s fashion was popular with all jumbo size as well as Accessories

80 s fashion #1

You may believe or not, fashion has become the current trend turned out to be the work of fashion designers who have emerged on the fashion market in the era of the 80s. It was for fashion enthusiasts are indeed not as much now. In addition to a maxi dress, fashion trends in the era of the 80s the other also being much in demand by lovers of fashion today. If you are also interested to try it, here is some information that you could possibly use as inspiration to try it. Actually a lot of 80 s fashion relics that still exist. One is the mullet haircut. Contemporary fashion & style is more rock oriented as hair metal bands like Motley Crue, Poison, Bon Jovi and his friends. Usually the makeup style of their followers was always wear skinny jeans or leather pants tight from ankle to groin. They also sometimes mix and match the same length coat. Their hair is also stretched and combed upwards or made as big as using hair spray. There is also a sweetness to wear bangs.

80 s fashion #2

Ranging from leather jackets, jeans jacket maimed hands, until the belt is full of nails. T-shirt bra plus a hand full of crisp and sexy tattoos that era. Accessories bustling chain necklace around the neck. There also is wearing ripped stockings. Do not forget to also Ray-Ban glasses used in the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun also complement the style of boy bands rock fans who want style to the outdoors. Shoes Boots cowboy of the model until the ends taper sports shoes Nike running his ankle. There is also a combined disposable headband though nothing is leaking or cracked. At 80 s fashion clothing that is more bulky and loose is the key trends that time. You can combine with a wide assortment of colors to decorate the clothes. Color trends used when it is bright colors like yellow or green.

80 s Fashion #4

But to try a slightly different look, mix other colors to suit your taste. You can also use tank tops as depths, but the thing to remember is still to use bright colors as a combination. Jeans and leggings are a trend that is widely used at that time. You can also combine short skirts with leggings to subordinate the clothes you wear. Or use lacy stockings that were also a trend at that time. Besides striped polo shirts dominated the brands Country Fiesta (CF), Hammer brand, brand Osella. For 80 s fashion, shirt-sleeved shirt when it is short / long sleeves with rolled up sleeves and collar raised, the blazer with rolled up sleeves or baggy shirt with 2 button removable top complete with T-shirts as the shirts inside. And pants of the 80s is a stylish baggy faded with the bottom folded mode as an accent at the time.

80 s Fashion #5

Usually combined with expressive color belt (red, blue) and rubber Bracelets. Shoes and socks to customize your appearance, use of tennis shoes, jelly shoes, and leg-warmer. Use brightly colored socks as a combination to display the shoes you use. 80 s fashion was popular with all jumbo size, as well as accessories and makeup. For accessories, choose a head bands, earrings, hoops or a long necklace with large pendant for your use. You can also use the necklace as a bracelet to support the appearance. Accessories 80-year arguably very diverse. For makeup, use bright colors or neon colors, while for the hair style, hairdo Try expanding your style. That’s some information about the modes that are widely used in the 80’s that has become the current trend.



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