2012 fashion is the most eagerly awaited at the end of this year

2012 fashion #1

Fashion is the most popular word among the people. The presence of fashion is also very important for appearance and always growing from year to year and age appropriate environment. In the year 2011, we were served with a sexy style and casual chic style of a young child. Dress this year and following any natural style retro fashion style in the 1970s.Although fashion is always evolving, but in fact they only follow the example of fashion in the 19th century and only became more recent remodel and do not look ancient. As an example in the year 2011 we often see the famous street punk in the year 1970-1980. Likewise 2012 fashion will be modeled on a bygone era. Was sometimes followed the fashion trends of the development of music, the style of the artist, the environment. More fashion this year also leads to East Asia such as Korea, China, and Japan.

2012 fashion #2

The puzzle behind the 2012 fashion is this year. In 2011 the community tends to follow the Korean-style fashion, Retro 1970, or the style of Lady GaGa. Casual clothes can be an option for you in 2012. Clothing that has a silhouette or pieces that are too dramatic and complicated better left alone. In the year 2012 seems to be dominated by fashion clothes t-shirts with unique images with a classic style as well patterned jeans and colourfull. Calm like a cream-colored shirt, light yellow, light blue, broken white or cool colors. High-waist pants or skirts, but apparently still in demand for denim jeans is still interested. Leave your leggings or stockings for women because it was stale and outdated maybe you can replace with Boot Cut pants. For the dress, you better choose the dress accented casual and relaxed.

winter fashion 2012

Besides the great event that has occurred in the center of the fashion world, including Paris, Milan, London and New York fashion trends to give birth next year, a compact delivery that is almost the same breath.Fashion week is always attended by all the “supreme judge” is soon introduced the fashion world all its solid match runway trends fahion to the public for next year. Everyone’s waiting for, let alone that would be presented on the stage of this world. These include cuts, color, and style of what will inspire all designers in the world gave birth to her collection. 2012 fashion is likely to choose the theme “Back to Nature”. The colors of nature and its derivatives are going to “boycott” the contents of the closet adherent latest trends. Orange colored derivatives, namely tangerine (orange color of the Mandarin) and pink with its derivatives, ie nude, pink and fuchsia will be excellent.

Winter Fashion 2012 #2

Then the natural motifs such as leaves, floral and animal motifs will be found in many print designers of the world. Call Athens-born young designer, Mary Katrantzou, then Altuzzara, Derek Lam and Cynthia Rowley bring print motifs into force next season. For the theme of the piece, to dress a woman will be very feminine with ruffles at the waist or model more “something” if called as a peplum. Some fashion houses that use this cutting, among others, Rodarte, Thakoon, Celine and Givenchy. With the technique bias cut above the waist, peplum adds treasures 2012 fashion trends. Entering the men’s fashion trends, color options held fixed with respect to the natural color, which is a blend of orange, red, blue, green, and yellow mustard. These colors combined with black and gray to add a masculine impression.

Spring 2012

Starting from Bottega Venetta, Louis Vuitton, Prada that blends the colors had a strong masculine sensation of gray, camel, and black. Then the theme is still carried by the Givenchy print through the print of his “birds of paradise flower”-once again takes the theme of nature. The name of the South African flower that resembles this bird inspired Ricardo Tisci, the designer is on the rise to be the theme of his prints.2011 fashion trend is already stale since 2011 will soon be passed. Is now being awaited is the 2012 fashion, we are waiting for just the latest fashion buzz in 2012.


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