2011 fashion trends that are important to note at the end of the end of this year

2011 fashion trends #1

Now we have entered the final end of the year and began to welcome the New Year. Just to remind, will discuss 2011 fashion trends. Trends fashion what is the best choice so far this year, starting from the beginning of the year until the end of this year. Whatever color dominates and what clothing is becoming popular in the celebrity world. Because celebrities cannot be denied is the center of attention, ranging from the way they walk, dress, hair style is always interesting to follow. out there but many are not too concerned with fashion trends, for those who wear more clothes to feel comfortable, according to body shape and conditioning costs. They tend not matter whether it was the clothing worn has outdated or no longer a trend.

A celebrity cannot be separated from the fans and especially the media spotlight. In every great event, definitely a lot of eyes and lenses to see their appearance, what clothes are worn, with whom he was biting and others. Sometimes there are moments that will be remembered through the clothes they wear, whether it’s a pretty funny moments, controversial or fascinating. At the end of 2011, this is the best moment of 2011 fashion trends is the choice of several celebrities who are used in various occasions:

2011 fashion trends #2

  • Sofia Vergara: Stunning on Red Carpet
    Surely there is always a process of rise and fall in a career as well as experienced Sofia Vergara, Modern Family-blooded Latin actor is to feel the rise and fall of the popularity he achieved. but he appeared very stunning on red carpet Emmys Awards ceremony, surely you will see that he has done many things in his career that made him very intriguing.Sofia wore a Vera Wang gown design of red coral in the event with additional large earrings as accessories sweetener.

2011 fashion trends #3

  • Daphne Guinness: Riveting through the theme of “Savage Beauty”
    There are plenty of amazing fashion at Costume Institute Gala event held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and one of them is Alexander McQueen’s work with the theme “Savage Beauty”. Some of the celebrity and socialite demonstrate designer works, and we must acknowledge that the draft imposed McQuess Daphne Guinness is one of the best. 2011 fashion trends worn Daphne takes a lot of elements of the feathers gray and white with dramatic design, made exactly like a fowl. Clothing became the center of attention and brings this event into the event which cannot be left for those who love the fashion world.

2011 fashion trends #4

  • Carla Bruni: Surprises in the G-8 Summit
    For several years, First Lady of fashion is always observed Michelle Obama (United States) and Carla Bruni (France). When the G-8 summit is held in France this year, Carla Bruni and then come up with knee-length white gown and black jacket from Chanel to show a pregnant belly. Carla is a former supermodel who really pays attention to fashion, so that when there is a change from any physical, everyone will notice.
2011 fashion trends #5
  • Kate Moss: Wrap hair and Cellophane
    Fashion will be your friend if you are consistent in its tracks, 2011 fashion trends is one of the fashion trends that change from the unique, interesting in view of the eye to create a fashion that controversy like this. Typically, the ensemble is made of aluminum foil and plastic that is not widely applied in the fashion world. But not so with this one celebrity, Kate Moss design dresses Maison Martin Margiela has a nice contrast with the texture of her dress lined in fur scarf was added to the work of Fendi. Clothing worn Kate Moss had a chance to be the talk because it possessed artistic dress suits worn by Kate Moss.
2011 fashion trends #7
  • Smiths Family
    There is a thought which believed that children should not be respected and listened to. Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith does not entirely agree with that thought. They say children should be cared for, listened to and polished his talent. Jaden and Willow is a child of both has been developed to keep the entertainment world. Somehow they can succeed, it looks fun and fresh without having to force or make children look older than her age. This can be proved how they dress cool at every red carpet at this year’s event stage entertainment.



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