2010 fashion trends have many types and modes

fashion 60's

In 2010 the world economy is crawling back up slowly after the global crisis. Also influential on fashion trends that began increasing the quality of clothing. Just flash back, fashion in 2010 a little too much influence on fashion 2011. So many kinds of fashion are a trend setter who became seizure of women and men. Here are some items that the 2010 fashion trends :

  • Boy hot pants & short
    swhich is shorter than shorts, variations in the form of hot pants, boy shorts, and tap pants.
  • Lace clothing
    Clothing with lace is not foreign anymore. But this year it seems lace is quite dominating. Types of lace that affect the trend in 2010 were more toward the classic and antique. The impression you want to show the lace in 2010 was to suggest romantic but not too girly, sensual but not too sexy.
  • 60s ladylike
    Dress 60s inspired back in 2010. The main characteristic of tight dress with a skirt bloom (full circle) whose length is below the knee? Accent and feminine curves so prominent. There is also a model of an hourglass dress as tight at the hips with a length below the knee.

2010 fashion trends

  • Ripped jeans and torn denim trend
    Ripped denim stormed back to 2010 fashion trends. If we have a collection of old school jeans are torn / not smooth anymore, can we modify a little and stylish again. Jeans with patches also had become a trend. If you have jeans that are torn lengthwise (vertically), then it could be modified by patching the part. It could even become more attractive again with colored contrast stitching.
  • Knee high & over-the-knee socks (long socks up above the knee)
    Long socks so this trend may give the impression of sporty and even glamorous.
  • Stripes (stripes motif)
    the colors used on nautical stripes motif. This motif is often also matching combined with other motifs.
  • Future Warrior-military and Tribal
    Military fashion was widely known all along, but more evolved again into 2010 fashion trends. The style of the kings and warriors ancient times much affects the imagination of fashion. Exploration history of the military who give the impression of modern, futuristic, wild and fierce / fierce.
  • High splits dress (Dress with slit)
    Look sexy without being too minimalist. Ankle-length dress with a slit as high as possible.
  • Sportswear
    Inspired by soccer and tennis, sports shades often found to be 2010 fashion trends. Style and futuristic science-fiction genre that many put forward by the world of fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen and Louise Goldin. With a high collar shapes and colors of metallic foil is widely used in every detail.
  • Jumpsuits and playsuits
    Clothing such as overalls are popular again. Starting from bodysuits and leotard to become a more mature style like jumpsuit, playsuit and romper (also called bib overalls).

Military fashion

  • Military fashion
    If we observe the fashion trend in previous years, military fashion is not new. After over two years earlier became the dominant trend, more military style also evolved into a 2010 fashion trends.
  • Patterned & printed pants
    Plain color on the subordinate was too boring. In 2010 floral, stripes, abstract, both with strong colors or soft colors and gives warmth to the Spring collection.
  • See-through and sheer fabrics trend
    Fashion trends for Spring and Summer tends to be more open, of course, adjust the heat in this season. Opportunity to show-off looks cool and sexy. Even the translucent trend is likely still to continue in the year 2011.
  • Boyfriend Blazers
    the model is slightly oversized blazer looks chic in Spring / Summer is fresh. Rolled up blazer sleeves that add to the look to be cooler.



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